Friday, June 10, 2005

New analysis

The purpose of this blog is to report on the evolution of some very hot new ideas in mathematics and physics. The new emerging trend seems to be oriented toward a new analysis, in the same way as new geometries, other than euclidean, emerged 2 centuries ago.

This is a rather "technical" blog, intended for mathematicians and physicists. If you are looking for new ideas, hope this will
be a nice place to find some of them. If you are the "publish rubbish or perish" kind of person, this place is not of much use for you.
But if you are the "think before you publish" guy, and if you have a rather large horizont of mathematical interests, then
you are welcome here.

The languages which I shall use are (mostly broken) English and sometimes Romanian. I reserve the right to express
here also some of my personal opinions, remotely related to the main subject of the blog.

Here it starts.

For the moment the most relevant page to look for is:

but use the mighty google to search for papers on the web, with the keywords: subriemannian , "sub-Riemannian" , "Carnot-Caratheodory", "curvature metric space"

check also the wonderful . My papers from there are available at

That's it for the first post. I'll come later with more stuff.


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